May 13, 2018

CATFOA with Jeff Kling — Wednesday June 20

Ten years ago we launched an ongoing, always-in-beta speaker series called Conversations About The Future Of Advertising. Over 25 luminaries have participated since. In 2018 the series continues with a Summer of CATFOAthree different speakers, three different nights, and all kinds of ideas to expand your brain—presented by the Minnesota Interactive Marketing Association (


He created Dos Equis’s “The Most Interesting Man in the World,” rubber-stamped Nike’s “Write the Future” campaign and authored the Miller High Life manifesto and campaign that still forms the playbook for many strategists, agencies, and brands. Recently Jeff gave Arby’s “The Meats,” helped America win their taxes for H&R Block, and helped Loctite win advertising’s Super Bowl. Just imagine what he has in mind for the future. 

On June 20 we’ll hang with Jeff Kling (LinkedIn), former Chief Creative Officer of Fallon. A man who hopes: 1. His ambient dislike of advertising has bettered his own work; and 2. That no one will mind his not having fulfilled his imagined potential as a world-champion surfer. In his fourteen-hundred thirty-seven-thousand years in the business, Kling has quarterbacked national and global work for Heineken, Coca-Cola, Jaguar, EA, Nokia, Volvo, Honda, The Eye Film Institute Netherlands, Miller Genuine Draft, ESPN, Clearasil, Gore-Tex and many, many more—and for a host of dead dot-coms, for whose busted first-wave bubble he is personally responsible.